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Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy- Sell Agreements A buy-sell agreement is any agreement among the owners of a business and the business itself concerning the ownership of equity interests, management of the business, and the rights of the entity and an owner to purchase the ownership interests of... read more

Have You Had the Talk?

Great job! You have your estate planning documents done! Now, you need to talk to the executor of your will and your family about your wishes. It is important to note that the “talk” can happen before, during or after your estate planning documents have been prepared... read more

How to Prepare for Legal Incapacity

Your will is done, so you know who your “stuff” will go to when you pass. Now you must prepare for what is for some individuals a fate worth than death – an event which incapacitates, but does not kill, them. But how can you prepare for an event which causes you to be... read more

The Will

Estate planning is not a priority for most people. It is usually one of those “I’ve got time – I’ll do it later” chores. Why? There are many reasons, the most common is that no one wants to think of his or her own mortality. This is fine as long as you do not have... read more

Get Legal Answers

WHY CAN’T I GET STRAIGHT ANSWERS? Have you ever asked an Attorney something and thought – Why Cant I Just Get Straight Answers? When you go to a party, what is usually the second question someone asks you after “What is your name”? Usually, it is “What do you do... read more

Minor’s Trust

WHAT IS A MINOR’S TRUST? A Minor’s trust is a device parents can use to leave property to a child in the care of a trustee until the child reaches a particular age.     Typically, the child is entitled to receive a portion, or all, of the trust principal,... read more

Elder Law

ELDER LAW – WHAT IS IT? Elder Law is a specialized area of law focusing on issues affecting those over the age of 65.     Topics covered by elder law include issues such as long term care planning, Medicaid eligibility, tax implications of asset transfers,... read more